The 7 best stress management techniques I know!

The best stress management techniques are those that are easy to remember and use. Quick to learn and quick to implement, you can use them to manage your own stress levels or teach them to help others manage theirs.

Desk Exercises To Boost Your Work Energy

Desk exercises can boost your work energy, burn calories and increase concentration without leaving your desk. Exercises at your desk may cause mirth in your work-mates, but once they see the benefits they’ll be doing it too. Start a trend in the office and do a desk workout today – includes an abdominal desk exercise!

Perform Better – Use Power Naps!

he case for power naps is simple. Our jobs require us to be at our mental best – we need to be alert, interpersonally effective, creative and have a good memory. Understanding your natural everyday energy peaks and troughs can help maximise your performance at work and leave an abundance of energy for your life outside of work. And all this from a short power nap!