The Business Case For Flexible Working Arrangements

Not everyone can work the 9 to 5 and flexible working arrangements are increasingly more common. Successful UK businesses pioneering flexible working arrangements report improved business results.

Return to Work After Maternity Advice for Managers

Returning to work after maternity is about as much fun as changing an overflowing diaper – dirty work but you’ve got to do it. Instead of talking about the tricky legislation, let’s focus on the human side of returning to work after maternity.

7 Tips for Remote Working

Home based or remote working has become a reality for many millions of people. With the advent of the internet era, a new type of employee was created. With little more than a computer and a high-speed internet connection, home-based businesses have flourished.

Achieving a Work Life Balance

Wondering if your are achieving a healthy work life balance? Tell tale signs of poor work life balance include high stress, overtime, absence and staff turnover. Achieving a balance between work and life become increasingly important when family responsibilities increase, and care for children or other dependants is a priority.