Comparing Decision Making Models: 3 ways to skin a catfish

Comparing decision making models, you can see there are many ways to reach a conclusion or “skin a catfish”. The decision making models have been grouped into 3 types; rational, intuitive and Gary Klein’s recognition primed decision making model, which is a hybrid of the rational and intuitive models. This article gives you the pros and cons of each decision making model.

How to Make Decisions: Six Hats Thinking

The Six Hats Thinking technique enables you to break out of your habitual thinking style and make better quality decisions. Learn how to look at the effect of a decision from a number of important, different perspectives, and modifying your decision accordingly.

Decision Making Psychology Made Simple

Understanding decision making psychology can enable you to reach a conclusion quicker. Whether it’s choosing a holiday destination, or project to fund, you’ll find this outline of decision making psychology a useful addition to your management toolkit.

Ethical Decision Making: How to Make Ethical Decisions in 5 Steps

What is ethical? Decision making can be hard enough but when we have to consider ethics and decision making we can tie ourselves up so tight we stop making decisions entirely. Here is a short guide to help you through the ethics maze and make effective decisions.