How to Make Your Meetings Sizzle not Stink

How can something as simple as a meeting room layout influence the success of a meeting? Here are 7 different tried and trusted meeting room layouts used by professional meeting planners at De Vere hotels, resorts and venues, with clear advice on when and when not to use a different meeting room layouts…

Oral Presentation Rubric: How to Get Great Presentation Grades

Oral surgery may be preferable to oral presentations but you can successfully improve your public speaking with this oral presentation rubric. (To save you wandering off, a rubric is a marking scale, commonly used by teachers or lecturers to evaluate student performance). So how can a classroom tool be useful in the workplace?

Become a Natural Presenter with this Simple Oral Presentation Checklist

This oral presentation checklist has been prepared to ease the process of preparing for and delivering a quality presentation. Even natural presenters use an oral presentation checklist to jog their memory and ensure they’ve got all bases covered. Presenting well is a learned skill and you can increase your presentation skills with these simple reminders.