Tips on Business Meetings: Example Groundrules

A top tip on holding business meetings is to use groundrules. You can develop a set of ground rules for a meeting, to ensure that people understand the “terms of engagement” during a meeting. Here are a few example groundrules to get you started.

  • Only one person at time talking
  • Meetings will start and finish on time
  • Confidential information will “stay in the room”
  • No jargon or in-talk
  • No discussion of ideas until all ideas heard
  • Encourage full participation from all attendees
  • Keep discussion on topic, and focused
  • If you agree to do something, do it.
  • If you can’t attend, send a suitable, informed, delegate instead.

You get the idea – you can use some, none or all of these ideas for ground-rules, just make sure they work for the people in the room.

Download ‘Tips on Business Meetings: Example Ground rules’ in pdf format