Process Improvement Made Easy: Gemba Kaizen Training

Gemba Kaizen training lets you be lazy. You switch between jobs faster than a ninja, you do less (re) work and you only do cool stuff because the boring jobs have gone (or are done by a machine).

Putting the Service Profit Chain to Work

The “Service-Profit Chain” model developed by Harvard University emphasizes the circular relationship between employees, customers and shareholders. This model can successfully be applied to your business no matter the size, and this article explains how.

If It Moves, Measure It! How To Create a Histogram

When you know how to create a histogram, you move from knowing a little bit about a process to knowing a lot. When you know your process, you’ve gone a long way towards making big improvements. Learn how to make a histogram in this short article, and discover hidden information about your process

If It Moves, Measure It! Basic Business Statistics Explained

Understanding the basic principles of statistics transforms a good manager into a great manager. Using basic business statistics, you can turn data into knowledge and increase your decision making accuracy. In the time it takes to make a coffee, you’ll know the most useful basic business statistics and become fluent in number-speak