Building Communication Skills Game

Effective communication in business is essential. Use this fun communication skills game to improve communication within your team..

Choose Meeting Ice Breakers Carefully!

Win this IcebreakerGames Ebook today! Meeting ice breakers, whether games or other activities, can provide vital energy to meetings or other gatherings of people. Well chosen ice breakers ease people through the discomfort of getting to know others better. However, a badly chosen meeting ice breaker can cause more discomfort than it cures. We’ve all … Read more

Icebreaker games for small groups

The right icebreaker games make all the difference to meetings, training, your party and many other activities.

3 Creative Activities, Games and Exercises for Effective Group Problem Solving

Just because you call thirty minutes in a room-full of people and a flip chart a brainstorming activity, doesn’t make it successful. For problem solving brainstorming to be effective, a little bit of coaxing will make all the difference. Here are three brainstorming activities, games and exercises to transform your problem solving sessions….

7 Brainstorming Rules & Techniques To Get More From Group Problem Solving

We all know that a camel was a horse designed by a committee – right?!!. This perfectly demonstrates the unwritten law of business, where the output of a group does not equal the sum of the individual parts. Use these 7 brainstorming rules and techniques and be the exception to the rule, get more from group problem and keep the creative juices focused and flowing…

9 office party do’s and don’ts

Office party season can make or break your career. Work the office party to your advantage by following these quick and easy do’s and don’ts.