9 office party do’s and don’ts

Office party season can make or break your career. Work the event to your advantage by following these quick and easy do’s and don’ts.

  1. Do go along, even if it’s for a token 30 minutes. No-one likes no-shows.
  2. Don’t be fooled that an office party is not work. Your behaviour will be judged for good or bad.
  3. Do decide what you want to achieve from the evening. Do you want to let down your hair or network with the right people?
  4. Don’t go too far. Be mindful of what you drink, and be careful what you say to whom.
  5. Do wear appropriate clothes. Your normal party clothes may reveal too much about you!
  6. Don’t take drugs or be enticed into any other illegal activity. Ever. You can lose your job.
  7. Do say thanks to the organisers. These events are normally organised by volunteers and will appreciate the recognition.
  8. Don’t be the office bore. Despite all the constraints and pitfalls, it is still a party, so lighten up and have some fun.
  9. Do follow up any new contacts. Remember – it’s notwhat you know, it’s who you know!

Office party etiquette is easy when you know how. Let other people play the joker while you make the most of the occasion!

Download ‘9 Office Party Do’s and Don’ts’ in pdf format