Desk Exercises To Boost Your Work Energy

Desk exercises can boost your work energy, burn calories and increase concentration without leaving your desk.

Exercises at your desk may cause mirth in your work-mates, but once they see the benefits they’ll be doing it too. Start a trend in the office and do a desk workout today – includes an abdominal desk exercise!

Desk exercise 1

Desk Exercise 1– the “yes-sir” stretch

Clasp your arms behind your neck and gently move your head forward and back, ensuring you support the weight of your head. Repeat 7 to 10 times and gently release tension in your nodding, yes-sir muscles.

Desk exercise 2

Desk Exercise 2– the head tilt

Take one hand and place it over your ear, and gently move your head over to the opposite shoulder. Repeat the exercise on the side – you wouldn’t want to be lop-sided would you! Stretch both sides 7 to 10 times, and feel the muscles melt into a more relaxed mode.

Desk exercise 3

Abdominal Desk Exercise 3 – feel the floor

Before you start this abdominal desk exercise, first make sure your chair is not going to slide around, otherwise you’ll have a tricky conversation with your health and safety representative. Stretch your arms out above your head, palms facing in toward each other, lifting your torso up out of your hips. Keeping your back long, gently bend from the hips forward to place your hands on the floor. Reverse movement and come back up to sitting. Repeat the exercise 5 to 7 times.

Desk Exercise 4 – eye socket soother

Desk exercise 4

Place the index finger on the eyebrow, and middle finger lightly on the eyelid. In a slow circular motion, gently massage the eyeball and eye socket. Be careful to place no pressure on the eyeball, and if you use contact lenses, only massage the eye socket. It’s important to remember your eyes in your desk workout, as they spend many hours at a fixed focal length, straining your delicate eye muscles.

Desk Exercise 5 – arm shakey-shake

Desk exercise 5

Persuade two of your trusted work colleagues to help you with this exercise. Ask them to hold your wrists and gently shake and vibrate your arms for about 15 seconds. Repeat the shake 3 to 5 times. As the blood flow increases through your shoulders to your arms and wrists, the feeling and warmth will return to your limbs. This desk exercise is particularly good for minimising the effects of repetitive strain injury, a common complaint of office workers.

Desk workouts are the new aerobics! Start a trend today and do desk exercises to burn calories, boost energy and improve concentratio.

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