Motivation At Work: How To Recharge your Work Mojo

Austin Powers, the fictional movie spy said,

“I’ll go back to the 60’s, recharge my mojo to beat Dr. Evil and be back in time for tea.”

If it was only that easy to regain your motivation at work! Sometimes your work mojo gets so low you think it’s abandoned you forever. Here are five ideas on how to recharge your work mojo and fire up your work motivation.

Five ways to max-up your motivation at work

(Definition – mojo (mowjow) – magic charm or spell.)

1. Keep your ambition in check

The desire to work hard is strong when the incentive to impress and prove yourself is high. However, mismanaged ambition will erode your passion to work hard and burn you out.

Manage your ambition by being smart about whom you impress and how you impress them. Balance effort with payback by making sure your actions are low effort to you and high value to them.

2. Find out how to get from A to B

Fuzzy, unclear goals are a major drain on work motivation. Force your boss to delegate not abdicate work. Get clarity on how to get from A to B, and when. What exactly is the expected end result? Is this achievable? Do you need help?

Planning your route in advance will keep your work juices flowing.

3. Get experience

Who do you aspire to be like? Do you think they know how to do everything themselves?

If you don’t know how to do something, find someone who does and copy him or her. Use all resources to hand – websites, books, colleagues, relations, friends, TV characters, and professionals. Save time and learn from their mistakes, not yours.

Or better still, get someone else to do it.

4. Set boundaries

If the work is taking too long, you’re either doing too much or not doing it right. And wait a minute – was it your job in the first place? Whether you take work upon yourself or have it dropped from a great height, set boundaries in your work life.

Be strict about when you arrive and when you leave work, and all the breaks your body needs in between. Be strict about time to build relationships and time to work and time for all the important stuff in your work life.

Be strict about what is and isn’t your job. We’re all one great big team at work, so make sure the ball is passed around ALL players. You can’t be player of the match every game.

5. Push your limits

Sometimes we get so busy nurturing and developing others, we forget to develop our own skills.

Treat your own development like you would treat your team’s or friend’s or partner’s. Take time to discover what you want to do with your life and plan your personal development.

Use these tips to regain your motivation at work – recharge your work mojo, beat Dr Evil and be home in time for tea!

P.S. If your motivation at work and mojo is just exhausted, check out these stress management techniques!

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