Joseph Juran

Born 1904

Joseph Juran is an internationally acclaimed quality guru, similar to Edwards Deming, strongly influencing Japanese manufacturing practices. Joseph Juran’s belief that “quality does not happen by accident” gave rise to the quality trilogy:

  • Quality planning
  • Quality control
  • Quality improvement

The key steps in implementing company-wide strategic goals are:

  • Identify customers and their needs – both internal and external – and work to meet those needs
  • Create measures of quality, establish optimal quality goals and organise to meet them.
  • Create processes capable of meeting quality goals in “real” operating conditions.

In the 1980’s Joseph Juran recognised that the common approach to total quality management – quality awareness campaigns and slogans – was not effective as they did not have substance, and there is no short cut to quality. He believes quality must start at the top, irritating senior managers who believe training is for junior workers.

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