Management Gurus Ebook – The Quick and Easy Guide

Management Gurus Ebook Cover

If you’re in management, you need to know about management gurus right? This fact-packed 24-page ebook contains all you need to know about all these management gurus in super-concentrated format!

Imagine it, you’re chatting to a business colleague at a meeting and they mention Kaouru Ishikawa. You can’t remember who he was!!! What did he invent? What were his influences?

Avoid this nightmare by downloading my quick and easy guide – it’s only $5 – not bad for all those name-drops you’re going to be able to make! Plus…

Free Gurus MindMap!

To sweeten the deal even further, I’ll throw in a memory-jogging mindmap with the gurus’ names and their major achievements – you’ll find this nestling inside the e-book. That way you’ll never forget who did what, where and why ever again!

It looks like this…

…only bigger 😉

(By the way, I did this on MindManager – an incredible piece of software for brainstorming and preparing presentations.)

Easy to Print and Read!

The Management Gurus Guide is in handy pdf format, which means you can…

  • Easily print it out to read anywhere!
  • Quickly find stuff using the built-in search
  • Simply scroll down to read from your screen!

And it can be yours within a minute! Simply click the button below to pay using Paypal. And thanks in advance for your custom!