W Edwards Deming – Total Quality Management & Deming’s 14 points

1900 – 1994

W Edwards Deming was an American statistician, considered the father of the modern quality movement. Edwards Deming strongly influenced Japanese industry post WWII with Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Total Quality Management (TQM), similar to Joseph Juran.

In 1982 Edwards Deming published “Out of the Crisis” identifying 14 points for management which if applied would enable Japanese manufacturing efficiencies to be realised.

The W Edwards Deming Institute awards prizes for individuals and organisations that embrace Total Quality Management and drive quality management forward.

Demings 14 Points Summarised

  1. Create constancy of purpose and continual improvement – long term planning must replace short term reaction
  2. Adopt the new (Japanese) philosophy – by management and workers alike.
  3. Do not depend on (quality) inspection – build quality into the product and process
  4. Choose quality suppliers over low cost suppliers – to minimise variation in raw materials and supply.
  5. Improve constantly – to reduce variation in all aspects e.g. planning, production, and service.
  6. Training on the job – for workers and management, to reduce variation in how job is done.
  7. Leadership not supervision – to get people to do a better job, not just meet targets.
  8. Eliminate fear – encourage two-way communication, encourage employees to work in the organisation’s interest.
  9. Break down internal barriers – department’s in an organisation are “internal customers” to each other and must work together.
  10. Eliminate slogans (exhortations) – processes make mistakes not people. Management harassment of workers will create bad relations if no effort made to improve processes.
  11. Eliminate numerical targets – management by objectives (targets) encourages low quality.
  12. Remover barriers to worker satisfaction – including annual appraisals
  13. Encourage self improvement and education for all
  14. Everyone is responsible for continual improvement in quality and productivity – particularly top management

Website: www.deming.org

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