Icebreakers overview – choose a game

IceBreaker Games ebook

The 10 icebreakers listed below are described in details in these two articles:

The following table will give you a quick overview of the different icebreakers and help you choose the right one for your event.

You might also find helpful the article on how to choose the right meeting icebreaker. Enjoy!

Group Size Icebreaker Purpose Preparation Materials Time
From: Icebreaker games for small groups
1 Small Fun None Post-it notes and pens 20 mins
2 Small Introductions None None 30 mins
3 Small Opening up None None 20 mins
4 Small Energy Boost None None 10 mins
5 Small Creativity None None 20 mins
From: Ice breaker games for large groups
6 Large Fun None None 10 mins
7 Large Introductions None Ball or small throwable item 15 mins
8 Large Opening up Secret facts – collect by RSVP to meeting invite Blank secret fact sheets & answers 30 mins
9 Large Energy Boost None None 10 mins
10 Large Creativity Gather materials 5 random items 15 mins