Friday Frolics: 3 Ideas for Group Team Building Activity

A little mischief and nonsense can be the most powerful group team building activity. Introduce a Friday Frolic at your work with these 3 fun team building activities.

Group Team Building Activity 1 – Wizards, Giants and Goblins

Purpose – an energising fun game, with lots of laughs
Materials and Preparation – None
Time – 15 minutes
Group Size – 6 or more.

This game is a variation on the traditional scissors, paper, and stone game. Form two teams of equal numbers, facing each other. For each turn, the teams will need to decide which of the three characters they will be;

Wizards – stretch out their hands, wiggle their fingers and go “kaaazaaaam”.
Giants – put their hands in the air, jump up and down and make a low growling noise
Goblins – crouch on the ground, wave their hands at their ears and make a high pitch cackle.

The rules are as follows;
Wizard beats Giants
Giants beat Goblins
Goblins beat Wizards

If both teams choose the same character, then it’s a draw, and the teams have to choose again.

Teams line up a few metres apart, with each team having an agreed “safe” base to return to. The game facilitator, counts down the turn – “three, two, one, GO!” and on the word go, each team acts out their character. The winning team then can chase and catch a member from the losing team. Anyone caught before they reach the safe base has to join the winning team. Keep the game going until all the players are in the same team.

Group Team Building Activity 2 – I’m taking a trip..

Purpose – a frustrating game to raise the blood pressure!
Materials and Preparation – none
Time – 10 minutes
Group Size – 4 or more

This is a frustrating game if taken too seriously – remember to keep it fun! Begin the game by saying “I’m taking a trip to (wherever is funny and relevant to the group) and I’m taking a …..Lantern… I’d like you to come too, but there’s limited space, so I’ll decide if you can come, depending on what you want to bring.”

The trick is to bring items that start with the first letter of your first name. So, Lyndsay can bring a Lantern, a Lollipop, a Large dog etc. Jim can bring a Jug, a Jeep and a Jar of honey, but he can’t bring a Lantern, Lollipop or Large dog.

Take turns to say what they’d bring and let them know if they can or can’t join your trip. Allow people to figure out the code for themselves, and see how long it takes! If blood pressures are getting too high, give them a clue by suggesting a few things they can and can’t take. And if it gets really bad, just give in and tell them the code!

Variation – another annoying code is to only allow people to bring items if they say “ehm” before they mention the item. So, “I’m taking a trip to Scotland, and I’m taking a, ehm, set of bag-pipes” would be allowed but “I’m taking a trip to Scotland, and I’m taking a haggis” would not. You can really wind people up by making a big deal of the “ehm” and saying it loudly or exaggerating the length of it. People will be so fixated on what items can and can’t be brought they won’t hear such an obvious clue.

Group Team Building Activity 3 – Celebrity Tat..

Purpose – mindless banter!
Materials and Preparation – list of famous people, written on separate sheets of paper, plus pen and paper for each pair.
Time – 15 minutes
Group Size – 8 or more

Get the group to pair up, and hand each pair a sheet with a famous person’s name on it. Each pair has to write down a list of at least five items this person would have in their hand-bag, wallet or pocket. Randomly hand out the lists among the pairs, and get each pair to figure out whose list they have.

The aim is to figure out whose list you have. Each pair starts with 10 points, and each question you have to ask to give you more clues, loses you 1 point. The pair with the most points is the “winner”.

Ideas for famous people – actors, historical figures, cartoon characters, scientists, musicians, politicians, sports stars, fictional characters etc.

Group team building activity is a worthwhile investment of 15 minutes of work time. Give yourself and your team a boost of energy and introduce a Friday frolic, with these group team building activities.

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