Frederick W. Taylor – Scientific Management

1856 – 1917

Frederick W Taylor was an American inventor and engineer, considered the father of “scientific management“. His influential theory enabled industry to move away from “rule of thumb” management and be more efficient and prosperous.

Succinct Summary of Frederick W Taylor’s Scientific Management Theory

  • Increasing specialisation and division of labour will make a process more efficient.
  • Systematically analyze the relationship between the worker and task and redesign processes to ensure maximum efficiency e.g. use a bigger shovel so more grain can be lifted with each action.
  • Have written procedures for each task and ensure they are followed by supervision and quality control.
  • Get maximum prosperity for employer and employee alike by linking pay and other rewards directly to work output.
  • Select workers with the right skills and abilities for the specific task and thoroughly train them to follow the procedures.
  • Management and workers equally responsible for achievement of goals.

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