Mftrou Testimonials

“I am Vijaya and I just wanted to drop by and tell you how amazing your site is. I stumbled onto your site today (so glad I did) and I am so impressed with the content. I am exactly the kind of a person you offer your advise to the “Rest-of-Us” clan. I have stepped into a manager role few months back and your site is now on going to be my home page :). Your articles are rich in content and very informative. I am planning to buy your ice-breakers e-book. Keep the flow. I love your site.”
Vijaya, delivery manager in IT company, India.

“I have made it a habit of giving praise when I encounter something that I think deserves it. I read your article on communicating skills in a meeting, and browsed through others. And I bookmarked this site for future reference. I tip my hat to you, the material is well presented and useful. I look forward to reading more, and I may subscribe to the newsletter although my mail box screems against any more additions.”
Michel Hachey, Ph.D.

“I really like the way you present the issues. They are so informative and funny at the same time. This is my kinda humour. I’m sure you have as much fun writing it as much as I have reading it. All the best to you and keep up the good work!!”
Wali Kashvi, Australia

“Many of the articles on the ‘Management for the rest of us’ site are wonderfully useful and applicable even for those of us who are not employed as managers. I very much enjoyed looking at the site!”
Melanie, Actress, Freeville, New York, USA

“I’ve used your handout ‘7 tips for receiving feedback gracefully’ within several training sessions and the response has been excellent. People appreciate that you acknowledge the difficulties and identify the holes we can all fall into, e.g. ruminating over feedback or re-enacting the discussion with friends. We have had some great discussions which have led to some people gaining real insight into their reactions and responses to feedback. Great stuff.”
Beth Cumming. Freelance Trainer, Edinburgh, UK

“Thank you for this wonderful work! It is clever, concise, and the most useful compendium of management techniques that I have ever encountered. I have an IT staff of four and I encourage them to visit your site to enhance their personal and professional growth. Thanks and good job!”
Chet, IT, Treadways, East Norriton, PA, USA

“I wanted to thank-you. The MFTROU site has been very helpful to me. I have even referenced some of the articles in training sessions for my team here at Aetna. I am not a manager (yet), but this information is great for everyone! Thanks again!!”
Faye, Laurie, Human Resources, Aetna, Hartford, CT, USA

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your newsletter, it’s brilliant!!! I especially liked “Root Cause Analysis”. It is so true that troublesome problems can be fixed so easily if you simply think deeper than erasing the unpleasant outcome and look at the heart of the matter and get a little creative!!!”
Laurie, Ball Horticultural Co., Chicago, IL, USA

“Your PDF and the template really helped me with my PDP and even my manager was very impressed with the template and his words were ‘this is EXACTLY what I wanted from you’ which is great. It truly made the whole exercise of setting up a PDP a whole lot easier to digest. Thanks again!!”
Zak, Systems Analyst, Rickmansworth, UK

“Thanks Lyndsay for the downloads I made are useful for our goal setting meeting. Your website is one of my favourite bookmarked sites. I get a lot of basic things and important insights for our team at work.”
Irwin Quitlong, Instructor in Personal Formation Subjects, Laguna, Philippines

“What I love most about your site, is the no-nonsense, no-jargon, approach. I appreciate that the info is easily accessible, simple & comprehensive.”
Basem Al Attar, Training & Development Manager, Saudi Arabia

“I really enjoyed your newsletter, it reminds me of my school days. More grease to your elbows, you are a guru.”
Muazu Balarabe, Bank Manager, Nigeria

“Many thanks for a no-nonsense pragmatic site… new to delivering training and reading your articles helped me during a foggy prep for a time management course! Remembering the baby and the bathwater saying put my mind en route to some fab stuff! Thanks for unblocking my mind!!”
Jan Godfrey, Trainer, UK

“We are very interested in using an article from your website, as we feel it would be particularly valuable to our participants on one of our skills days entitled Effective Influencing Face to Face Course”
Dominic Seedall, Co-ordinator Design and Development, School of Education, The University of Manchester

“We publish a small inter-departmental newsletter (25 copies) and I’d like permission to reprint some of your articles…of course, giving you credit, and referring readers to your website.”
Lynne Lewis, Team Leader, The St. Joe Company, Florida

“You rock Lyndsay! I’m printing the goal setting and PDP ebook right now.”
Ned, Team Development,, US

“I certainly respect your creative, clever way to earn what’s due you. I see the purpose of your information as double-faceted: 1. for those who wish to lead brainstorming sessions and 2. for those who anticipate the corporate retreats with anxieties … this is a preparatory ‘team-play 101, defense for the shy’ (not I), thanx!”
Bonnie, Sales and Marketing, California

“I’m the editor of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers journal. Time management is a problem that affects our readers a lot. May I request permission to reproduce your article, ‘No.1 Time Management Skill: Doing Nothing’, to illuminate them?”
Angela Tam, Hong Kong

“A short note to “congratulate” you on making available an excellent source of management knowledge on the internet. No messing around, no beating around the bush. Just simple, straight to the point information and hard facts. Well Done!”
Jazz Singh, Service Improvement Facilitator, NHS Acute Trust, UK

“I so look forward to receiving your correspondence, for a number of reasons:
1) you always feel as though your talking to me alone
2) I enjoy your little snippets that relate to your personal life , it gives me a chuckle ..
3) lastly but by know means least I love your approach to problem solving and dealing with issues faced by managers keep up the writing along with the entertaining manner in which you deliver the goods.”

Ann Burke, Group Quality Audit Manager, Country Road Clothing, Australia

“Read your One Negotiation Technique article. Just wanted to let you know I liked it, thought is was good stuff and well written.”
Easter Becker-Smith, life coach,Valparaiso, IN., USA

“I want to say thank you for all the tips about management. You have refreshed my mind to the point where I now feel compotent enough to begin lecturing management again.”
Norris Pinder, Bahamas

“I found this site in Google. It’s brillant. I will tell my fellow workers here in Dublin.”
Kamila, Dublin, Ireland

“I love your articles as thev do restore my spirits. Thanx and keep them coming.”
Wonder Ronald, accountant, Uganda

“I am a recent new comer to mftrou, although having been a people manager for many years. I have to say it is the BEST motivational site I have ever come across. It doesn’t necessarily have anything “new” but it always reminds me that there is so much more I can do for, and with, my people. Keep up the amazing work and thank you!!!!!”
Jen, HR and Training Consultant, NZ