In My Opinion….. The Best Management Resources Around

I have a reputation for being picky – so here is my pick of the best management resources I’ve found so far.

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Lifelong Learning 5 Pages at a Time

When there’s little time to “sharpen your saw”, you need get Abstract.  With over 4,500 business books condensed into 5 page summaries you can keep up with the times. You choose your format – audio or written – and the 30 day money back guarantee allows you to try before you buy.  Absolute genius.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: Mental Workouts to Boost Your Brainpower

The mind and body connection has been well established scientifically. A healthy body is no use with a flabby, flaccid mind. The Mind Gym opens the door to a multitude of mental exercises to maintain your mental health. In my opinion, the Mind Gym is best I’ve found so far…

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Enhance Your Creativity and Productivity: Mind Maps Made Easy

Ever wondered how I produced the Management Gurus e-book mind map? This tricky piece of software doesn’t come cheap but it’s now invaluable to me for as a creative, planning and memory tool…

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360 Degree Feedback for Free

Get a world class 360 degree feedback online service for free. (Being a true Scot, that’s what I like, something for nothing). There is a more expensive version (about £50 GBP per person) which has bells and whistles but for small companies or teams, the free service will be plenty.

General Web Links provides articles and resources on improving personal skills of time management, goal setting, decision making, brainstorming, planning, prioritizing, as well as on overcoming procrastination and using pda and other time management tools…. This site provides over 500 legal forms including sales letters, power of attorney forms, employment forms and other various business documents.

Fresh Thinking Business: Business Ideas, Advice and Resources

This useful site has free information for anyone starting a business or wanting to expand an existing one. It could be a nice reference source for students studying SMEs. Regular tips are available via the website’s business blog and you can even find out how search engine friendly your website is with a SEO site audit.