Personal Development Planning Guide

Personal Development Planning Guide eBook coverGood personal development planning will help you achieve your potential as it will help you identify skills gaps and improvement areas. Then you’ll be able to get that job, go for that promotion, build your business further, or whatever you want.

This guide will give you a simple yet powerful method to grow and so enable you to achieve more, faster, and more effectively.

Personal development planning can be daunting, but with the right approach, it can be highly satisfying, and even fun! Use this guide with built-in template to plan your personal development properly.

If your personal resources don’t match your goals and ambitions, it’s time for some personal development.

Here’s some detail on what the Personal Development Planning Guide covers.

Personal Development Planning Guide Contents

  • Making dreams into reality
  • The 10,000 foot view
  • Phase 1 – What’s Your Focus?
  • Phase 2 – Using the Project YOU planning template
  • Phase 3 – Review the Project YOU Development Plan
  • Phase 4 – Implement the Development Plan
  • Phase 5 – Review progress
  • Personal Development Plan Template

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Bonus: Goal Setting Guide

To sweeten the deal even further, I’ll throw in the companion Goal Setting Guide.

If you find that you spend too much time avoiding the things that will bring you the greatest rewards, this goal setting guide will help you focus on what is truly important.

Using a proper goal setting process ensures you choose the right goals to pursue and helps you get there with minimum time and effort.

Get out of that rut, take control and focus on the important things.

Here’s some detail on what the Goal Setting Guide covers.

The Goal Setting Guide Contents

  • Why set personal goals?
  • Benefits of personal goal setting
  • Goals and your personal values
  • Writing your goals
  • Smartness in goals
  • Example Goal Sheet.
  • Background Thinking and Processes Used to Create the Goal Sheet
  • Results review and link to self assessment

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“Your PDF and the template really helped me with my PDP and even my manager was very impressed with the template and his words were ‘this is EXACTLY what I wanted from you’ which is great. It truly made the whole exercise of setting up a PDP a whole lot easier to digest. Thanks again!!”
Zak, Systems Analyst, Rickmansworth, UK

“Thanks Lyndsay for the downloads I made are useful for our goal setting meeting. Your website is one of my favourite bookmarked sites. I get a lot of basic things and important insights for our team at work.”
Irwin Quitlong, Instructor in Personal Formation Subjects, Laguna, Philippines