Quick Guide to 360 Degree Feedback Software

Did you know that 360 degree feedback software could simplify your management life? Yes, performance reviews and feedback provide valuable information for not only the organization’s leaders and for the individual employees, but are they really worth the effort? Well, imagine a world where all the associated, soul draining administration was taken care of in a few keystrokes. Sounds like management nirvana? This is where 360 degree feedback software frees up time to do what you are good at – managing people not paper.

How do others see you?

360 feedback cartoon

A successful business is a team effort, and most companies have a complex matrix of inter-relationships, making it tricky to figure out how effective an individual is within that company. Knowing an individual’s strengths, and where improvement is needed, will all help improve your game plan and provide the basis for a personal development plan. Having peers, subordinates, and management involved in evaluation processes allows for a broader, more objective, view of what’s actually going on within a company.

In short, the 360 feedback system is a process in which a number of co-workers, superiors, team members, customers/clients, and anyone else within a particular employee’s work related circle, are provided a survey to complete. This survey has a number of questions that the surveyor answers in regard to his/her working relationship and perception of the target employee.

This type of assessment tool would be an administrative hell if not automated, but thanks to a number of feedback software programs, it’s a breeze.

Quick Guide to 360 Degree Feedback Software

While there are many features, and a number of brands, below are some of the basics of 360 degree feedback software programs.

  • These programs are designed to provide information from a 360 view of each employee which can be used for assessment, training, or growth potential purposes.
  • You can find 360 degree feedback software that works with Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Web based, or other platform.
  • This software can be found in a wide price range, some being more affordable than others. Here’s a free basic version that I recommend
    360 degree feedback software is easy to use.
  • It allows for quick follow-up assessments, and easily measures employee improvement.
  • These programs offer anonymous feedback, which allows for honest feedback.
  • With a number of surveyor respondents, usually 8 to 10, a fairer and wider range of feedback will be collected.
  • The process is usually entirely paperless. This is a plus for the company, as well as environmentalists.
  • The software provides highly customizable surveys and features, such as:
    • Comparative Reporting
    • Competency Scale
    • Customizable user interface, fields, functionality and reporting
    • Data Import/Export
    • Gap Analysis
    • Mobile Access
    • Multi-PDF Creation
    • Multiple Source Feedback
    • Paper based or online surveys
    • Participation Statistics
    • Performance Appraisal
    • Planning Tools
    • Rater Selection
    • Relationship Filtering
    • Script Editor
    • Statistical Charting

As training and development budgets are often first to be slashed, having a robust feedback process can provide a cost effective way of uncovering skills or behaviour gaps and then delivering highly targeted training and development that the company bean counters couldn’t argue with.

And with easy and quick follow-up assessments to gage the employee’s improvement, managers (and bean counters!) can quickly be able to determine if they are effective. With ease of use, great flexibility, and a 360 degree view, 360 degree feedback software is a beneficial tool for any business.

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