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How Business Books Summaries Saved My Veggie Patch

By Lyndsay Swinton

Do you have problems keeping up with the latest business books? Summaries distilling the best bits for me to quickly quaff, has been my endless search to support my ongoing professional and personal development. Then I found Get Abstract's business books summaries..

"If you ignore the padding there are some really great ideas in this book".

So when a colleague of mine recommended Get Abstract's business books summaries service a couple of months back, I was intrigued - every business book that matters summarised into 5 pages - meaning it takes less than 2% of the time to read the whole book.

That means I had time to spend looking after my beans and potatoes and less time with my nose buried in a book. Which is particularly welcome in summer - if you saw how short our summers are in Scotland, you'd know what I mean!

Business Books Summaries Your Way

I like my business books summaries as mp3 files so I can listen to them whilst out in the garden or driving, but occasionally I print off the pdfs to read over breakfast. I find I tend to learn better by listening, but that's a personal thing, so you can choose how to get each summary.

The other (obvious I guess) thing I've found is that because I'm not distracted by the 'filler' content, I tend to retain the info much better. On a couple of books, I have been so intrigued I've ended up buying the book itself, but most times the summary is enough.

Your choice of subscription plans

The site does a range of plans, depending on how much you read. Initially, my Scottish blood pressure rose at the Gold Plan's price of $299 for the year which gives you unlimited access to all the formats of business books summaries. When I thought about it though, that's about 20 books (or less if you go for the early release hardback) and between my husband and I, we would normally buy at least that every year. Plus you get the flexibility of choosing mp3, pdf, Palm, Blackberry or MS Reader format.

So I went for the Gold Plan, but if you read less, or just want to give it a try they have a written summaries only plan for $89. This limits you to 30 summaries, but is perhaps the way to go if you just want to try it out.

Anyway, you can tell I'm a fan of Get Abstract's business books summaries. If you want to check it out, you can see an example summary here - link to home page with affiliate details.

By Lyndsay Swinton
Owner, Management for the Rest of Us

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