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November 11, 2008

November - Management for the Rest of Us

And the survey says….

I’m feeling good about last month’s heads-up to the Get Abstract business books summaries – here’s why…

  • 87% of you would like to read more business or personal development books.
  • 71% don’t have time, 23% don’t know what’s current and 18% find it too expensive.

Get Abstract’s 5 page business books summaries solve those problems fast – read my review here (which tells you how to get the free summaries :o).

This month I’m curious to know about your Personal Development Planning habits, so please take this tiny 2 question survey to tell me more.

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1. How Business Book Summaries Saved My Veggie Patch
Do you have problems keeping up with the latest business books? Summaries distilling the best bits for me to quickly quaff, has been my endless search to support my ongoing professional and personal development. Then I found Get Abstract’s business books summaries….

2. Achieving a Work Life Balance: How Cornflakes Revolutionised the Working Week
Wondering if you are achieving a healthy work life balance? Tell tale signs of poor work life balance include high stress, overtime, absence and staff turnover. Achieving a balance between work and life become increasingly important when family responsibilities increase, and care for children or other dependants is a priority.

3. Mftrou Quick Guide: How To Increase Web Page Accessibility
This short article on how to increase web page accessibility fits with the Management For The Rest of Us ethos – all abilities are welcome. Internet accessability is important – knowing how to increase font size is a start, and changing the text and background colours also helps.


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