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Guess who's back?
October 04, 2010

Back again. Lyndsay's back. Tell a friend

Get back up off your chairs, and believe your eyes - another newsletter from Management for the Rest of Us!

They broke the mould when they made you!

....was that because you're unique? Or because they'd made a mistake? I'll go for the more optimistic slant on that gem of a phrase. Thankfully, you get a little more help when it comes to the "manager mould".

Many companies, large and small, use "leadership competencies" to put into words what a good manager or leader is like. You can check through the list and see where you're fitting the manager mould and where you might need a little shaping up. Here are my Leadership Competencies explained in 4 bite sized chunks.

Power up your meetings by choosing the right layout

Mean managers can turn meetings into power trips by making people stand while they luxuriate on a mega-chair or sit opposite them over a mighty desk. I know you're not like that (I hope!), so you'll enjoy this month's guest article.

The professional meeting planners at De Vere hotels, resorts and venues, have put together 7 tried and trusted meeting room layouts, with clear advice on when and when not to use a different meeting room layouts...

Have trouble making your mind up? Yes and no...

You've maybe used the brilliant (ahem) decision making spreadsheet for making difficult decisions. It's based around a "decision grid" but had you ever pondered that there might be more than one way to make a decision? This coffee time article Comparing Decision Making Models takes you through 3 different decision making models.

(If you're short of time, the three contenders for decision making models are; rational, intuitive and Gary Klein's recognition primed hybrid model.)

Procrastination - what a waste of time!

Is procrastination the ultimate crime? It seems not! Well over a third of you (37%) have taken more than 1 year to get round to an important, non urgent task. The majority (47%) have taken somewhere between 1 month and 1 year.

For most people, lack of focus or other priorities got in the way. Critically, one in five people put things off because they did not understand how to complete the task.

My colleague Mark Tyrrell over at Uncommon Knowledge has a great article on the psychology of procrastination, and more importantly, 7 tips on how to stop procrastinating and get going. You can also listen to Mark and be guided through a visualisation to help you overcome procrastination.

If you need any further motivation to stop procrastinating, here are some of the things you said about how you felt when you'd ticked that task off the list;

  1. Relieved, satisfied, exhilarated, joyful
  2. pleased with myself
  3. like a great weight lifted off my shoulders
  4. better qualified
  5. wasn't so difficult after all!

There were a few mentions of split-ups and divorces, so sadly/gladly some of you said you felt free!

Over to you - tell me your highs and lows of being a manager

I'm curious to know what you think about being a manager. What do you like doing? What is a bit painful?

Tell me in this 2 minute survey to let me know your thoughts on being a manager.

Until next month!

Warm Regards

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PS If you participate in the survey I'll let you in on the results next month :o)

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1. Leadership Competencies Explained in 4 bite-sized chunks
Your attitude towards leadership competency models probably depend on the organisation you are in, and the quality of leadership you encounter on a daily basis.

2. How to make your meetings sizzle not stink 7 different meeting room layouts that work

How can something as simple as a meeting room layout influence the success of a meeting? Here are 7 different tried and trusted meeting room layouts used by professional meeting planners at De Vere hotels, resorts and venues, with clear advice on when and when not to use a different meeting room layouts...

3. Comparing Decision Making Models: 3 ways to skin a catfish
The decision making models have been grouped into 3 types; rational, intuitive and Gary Klein's recognition primed decision making model, which is a hybrid of the rational and intuitive models. This article gives you the pros and cons of each decision making model.

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