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August 27, 2008

September 08 - Management for the Rest of Us

Remember me? I’m the management tipster that brightens your working day with interesting articles and asides. Well, I’m back to work and my girls are in day-care eating sand and drinking paint. I promise to get back into the groove sending you practical management articles every month.

You may be curious to know how I funded a whole year away from the grindstone. It’s really quite simple. My Management For the Rest of Us website still generates advertising revenue and ebook sales, even when I’m knee deep in baby goo. Genius. Find out how you can do this yourself here.

(The reason I’m telling you now is there’s a $100 off return to work special running for the next 3 days.)

What’s New on MFTROU?

• 2 new articles
• a 2 question survey
• review of free 360 degree feedback tool

I’ve kicked off with two articles close to my heart. No-one knows what being a parent will be like until after the event, and a thought through policy on how to manage return to work after maternity can make it easier.

Indeed, British Telecom Group report a 99% return after maternity leave compared with UK average of 40%, saving between £4-5 million in recruitment costs. That’s because they recognize the business case for flexible working arrangements.

As I’m curious to know more about you, please take this tiny 2 question survey to tell me what your working life is like.

Giving and receiving feedback is more structured, professional and *pain free if you copy what the big companies do, so it was a happy day when I stumbled upon this free 360 degree feedback assessment resource.

(*Okay, pain free is an exaggeration but it’s heading in that direction).

Right, it’s back to the grindstone for me – looking forward to next month! Until then,

Warm Regards
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Lyndsay Swinton

PS If you participate in the 2 question survey I’ll let you in on the results next month :o)

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1. Day-care & Diapers - Return to Work after Maternity Advice for Managers
Returning to work after maternity is about as much fun as changing an overflowing diaper – dirty work but you’ve got to do it. Instead of talking about the tricky legislation, let’s focus on the human side of returning to work after maternity.

2. The Business Case for Flexible Working Arrangements
Not everyone can work the 9 to 5 and flexible working arrangements are increasingly more common. Successful UK businesses pioneering flexible working arrangements report improved business results.

3. Free 360 Degree Feedback Assessment Resource
Giving feedback is a necessary evil of business life. 360 degree feedback assessments are a formalised method for people to get a ton of feedback. This positive and negative feedback is an invaluable source of information for finding out about your strengths and development opportunities.


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