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February 11, 2009

February - Management for the Rest of Us

Many of us are fearful of the employment axe falling, so its timely to keep work related stress in check. Nadine Jannetta from Alberta, Canada suggested an article on Employee Wellness, and Ive delivered! Here are the 7 essentials of an effective employee wellness program, safeguarding companies from costly lowered productivity, absence from work and litigation.

Is work stressing you out?

This month Id like you to know if work is stressing you out in this tiny 2 question survey. Let me know

Im sorry to say its terminal

People stumble upon Management for the Rest of Us for many reasons, and last month was an unsettling reflection of the global gloominess. The top reason for visiting was to find out about termination letters. Yep, I helped you guys fire a whole bunch of people.

Call me an eternal optimist (or an insufferable Pollyanna), but redundancies can be a time for reflection, re-direction and positive change. Although a troubled man, Van Gogh didnt start painting until his thirties. It might be timely to read these 7 midlife career change tips to help assess where you are and where youd like to be career-wise.

And the Manager Rant and Rave survey says

Thanks again for taking the time to fill in the Rant and Rave survey about your manager – the results are enlightening.

• 64% of you have had a fantastic manager, 36% have not
• 83% of you have had a terrible manager

These managers sound fantastic;

• “listening, being interested, making time, following up”,
• “was great at asking questions to help me figure out when I messed up rather than just telling me I messed up”
• “gave me respect and ownership of my tasks. Let me get on with the job but was there when needed.”

You had plenty to say about your terrible managers;

• “micro manager, obviously had favourites who were allowed to get away with anything, temper tantrums, won't listen”
• “controlling, nit picky, meddling, play the blame game, no support”
• “He's a lovely man but drives me crazy. He doesn't have a handle on what I do and forgets everything about the customers from one week to another. We set up meetings and 8 times out of 10 he cancels or postpones them. He is indecisive and has to consult his boss before he will act. Poor lamb he is well meaning but not a good manager.”

If you’re unsure where you lie on the fantastic-terrible manager spectrum, maybe it’s time to ask for feedback and take it from there.

Interpersonal Skills - Essential for our Flat World

Thaks to A. Sridevi from India who submitted this excellent article Learn to recognise the 4 interpersonal styles plus 11 ways to enhance your interpersonal skills and received a free ebook. You too can submit articles, creative brainstorming ideas, icebreakers and even your personal development plan to Management for the Rest of Us, using the on-site forms which are peppered all over the site. Id love to hear from you!

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PS If you participate in the survey I’ll let you in on the results next month :o)

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