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May 24, 2006

May - Management for the Rest of Us

Finally the sun is shining in Scotland, and the fish are biting, so apologies for a delayed newsletter.

Let me explain what's been happening. My hard-working husband was trying hard to persuade me to skive work and go fishing. But I clung onto my tightly held work ethic and refused to go. "Husband, I've got 2 articles to write, a newsletter, and a stack of analysis to do for you, how can I just drop that and go fishing?" And then I started to get annoyed "Obviously you don't respect how little baby-free time I have to work!" But then I loosened up. I hadn't planned my articles yet, so what better place for inspiration than bobbing about in Loch Feochan chasing down some mackerel? So off we went, rods ready to catch us some fish.

Except we'd never launched our boat before. Or tested the engine in anger. After 2 hours on dry land changing a flat tyre on the trailer and persuading rusty rollers to move, we managed to get the boat in the water. For about 30 minutes, until we had to reverse the process and pick up baby before the nursery closed.

Except we'd never done it before (you're probably getting the theme here!). 1 hours and a soggy backside later, we still hadn't landed the boat, and the nursery closing time was now being measured in minutes. So some creative problem solving was required. Luckily there was a spare mooring and an offer of a dinghy, so we left the boat in the water and after a quick change of clothes, picked up baby with minutes to spare.

So here are my two articles, born from that stressful and eventful day; The Art of Problem Solving: 5 Steps to Success and Win Win Negotiation: How to Get the Best Solution For All Involved. I will think of you reading them as I drive down to the fish-market to buy some fish for tea.

Warm Regards
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Lyndsay Swinton

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1. The Art of Problem Solving: 5 Steps to Success
Albert Einstein knew about the art of problem solving and if he'd written about it, he may have broken it down into these 5 easy to follow problem solving steps.

2. Win Win Negotiation: How to Get the Best Solution For All Involved
Win win negotiation skills apply at home and in the boardroom, and this negotiation article tells you how.


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