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Management for the Rest of Us #014 Body Language - Nov 8, 2005
November 08, 2005

Nov - Management for the Rest of Us

On a recent journey into the big, bad city of Glasgow, I had the misfortune to break down on a small, twisty, turny road surrounded by the mighty mountains of Argyll. This tourist friendly picturesqueness is all very well until you require a mobile phone signal... without climbing several hundred metres up a hill or trudging miles down the road to the nearest house.

So, heaving out all the contents of the boot to find the spare tyre, I got to thinking about the difference between my current reality and the 8-second wheel changes executed by formula one pit-stop crews. Where's a high performing team when you need one (or a road recovery service!) I thought to myself? That's why I wrote Building a High Performance Team - 5 Simple Steps.

Basic interpersonal communication skills - body language

An acquaintance of mine, now retired, spent most of his years as a highly respected consultant. He spent a lot of time listening to clients in order to understand their problems and formulate solutions. The only problem was, when listening, he would recline fully in his chair with hands behind head. Although this was his preferred concentration position, his clients read this as boredom and/or aloofness. This consultant was shocked to discover that his body language was conveying exactly the opposite of what he intended.

Here's something he may have benefited from reading earlier in his career: Body Language: a basic interpersonal communication skill.

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1. Building a High Performance Team - 5 Simple Steps
Chances are you've been down-sized or re-engineered so radically there's zero tolerance for mishaps or delays, and you extend your work day to pick up the slack. What you really need is some help on building a high performance team, to regain that work-life balance we all yearn for.

2. Body Language: a basic interpersonal communication skill
Master the basic interpersonal communication skill of body language and be better understood.


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