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97 ice breaker games you can use for your very next meeting, team building activity or party

Liven up your next group meeting with icebreaker games arranged by group size, ability and activity purpose to make it easy to choose the perfect activity.
85 Icebreaker games to get groups moving!

Choosing the perfect icebreaker for a team building activity, meeting, party or other group event can be a stressful business. It's so easy to forget to consider one aspect of the game that might not fit with your participants.

That's why I've arranged 'Breaking the Ice' into categories that allow you to quickly select the perfect icebreaker for your event.

Most managers run group events pretty regularly, and those that get a good reputation are usually the events that are the most fun. If you have half as much fun as my team have had with these icebreakers, you'll be well on your way to being your workplace's favourite event leader!


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Comes with FREE Ebook on how to choose icebreakers, brainstorming tips and activities and group problem solving

Bonus icebreaker skills ebook
FREE bonus icebreaker skills ebook

To help you hone your team leading skills, I've included in this gargantuan icebreaker bundle my 'Penguin' icebreaker ebook. This ebook sold for $5 for over 3 years before the new mammoth 'Breaking the Ice' took over. But it's still a super wee book, with lots of group activity tips, so I'm bundling it in with the price. It contains:

- 6 Tips On How to Choose Icebreakers
- Icebreaker Overview for Easy Selection of Games (only in this ebook)
- 5 Icebreaker Games for Small Groups
- 5 Icebreaker Games for Large Groups
- 7 Brainstorming Rules & Techniques To Get More From Group Problem Solving
- 2 Creative Brainstorming Activities for Effective Group Problem Solving

Classic Game - The Prisoners' Dilemma: Trust and Co-operation!

To sweeten the deal even further, I'll throw in a classic game, including a ready to print and use gaming sheet! A great game for exploring trust and co-operation in teams. Only available in this ebook.

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97 icebreaker games to get groups moving Free icebreaker skills ebook

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