Zoom Icebreaker Game

by Keri Muller
(San Francisco, CA)

This icebreaker game requires the use of a book called Zoom by Istvan Banyai. In this book, you get an extreme close up look at the feathers of a rooster, and as the book continues it zooms away, seeing the natural progression of how things are changing, and finally, you are way above in outer space looking down.

Prior to this activity, you will need to tear out the pages of the book, take them out of order, and then you may want to put each page in a protective clear cover sheet.

You can debrief the activity anyway you want - communication, listening, understanding, devil in the details, understanding your part in the Big Picture and how you "fit" in, etc, etc.

Using these rules below, the group will need to determine how to put the pages in order WITHOUT SHOWING EACH OTHERS' PAGES to the group. Do not tell them the name of the activity prior to doing it or it will give it away.

1 Can't show your picture to anyone else.
2 You can TALK about your picture as much as you want (certainly this communication process is important)
3 It helps if you LISTEN - (seek to understand), and then go about being understood by others.

Eventually they will figure it out - it's obviously not a puzzle but a series of photos. Once they get that, it becomes a bit easier.

This is a multi-layered ice breaker game which adults and older children will appreciate. You can choose how deep and meaningful you want it to be.

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