Zip, Zap, Zoom Relay Ice Breaker Game

by Kalpesh Thacker
(Bhuj, Gujarat, India)

Group Size - Medium (5-20)

Group Abilities - All Abilities
Icebreaker Purpose - Energy Boost
Preparation - none
Materials - stop watch
Time - 5 to 10 minutes

The goal of this game to pass an imaginary relay baton around the group for as long as possible without letting it drop. To make things difficult, the relay baton can only be passed using the instructions "Zip", "Zap" or "Zoom".

Zip = pass the relay baton in the same direction of travel.
Zap = change the direction of travel of the relay baton.
Zoom = jump the relay baton to anybody by keeping eye contact.

The group stands in a circle and the relay baton is passed around using the "Zip", "Zap" or "Zoom" instructions. Failing to do so, and the relay baton would fall. The stop watch would start from zero, and so on....

Passing the relay baton must be with lots of body movement and hand gestures.

Obviously the relay baton could travel indefinitely if each person only said "Zip", however that would be no fun! To prevent this, the facilitator must join in and use the trickier "Zap" and "Zoom" instructions to mix things up and keep energy levels buzzing.

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