Work motivation and reward schemes

by leemart

Are incentives and reward schemes the best way to increase work motivation for an organisation?

Comments From Lyndsay

Ooh, that sounds like an essay question :o)

Companies want motivated, committed employees and some use reward or incentive schemes to support this aim. My quick opinion is the effectiveness of such schemes depend on the organisation, it's size and culture, the scheme itself and the way it is administered.

Who wants to be employee of the month? Not me. Not if that involved having my picture on a board that everyone could see or splashed across a company newsletter. I'd much rather a private word or other form of recognition. But other people might get a serious buzz from that level of exposure.

If you wanted to get all academic about it, you could look at the various theories for motivation at work ( Herzberg , McGregor , Maslow ...). Check out the Management Gurus section of the site for more on these and other related articles.

Would I be motivated if I could buy a week's holiday? You bet! Or that I could trade my car allowance for a cash alternative because I cycle to work. Oh yeah! But again, this might not suit everyone. An older employee might prefer to increase their pension contributions.

How much does the reward scheme cost to set up? Is it worth it? Would you know if it was working?

So many questions! And probably not enough answers for an A+ on your paper. A great topic for research though.

Kind Regards

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