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Work Life Balance

"I found this site in Google. It's brillant. I will tell my fellow workers here in Dublin."
Kamila, Dublin, Ireland

7 Tips for Remote Working
Home based or remote working has become a reality for many millions of people. With the advent of the internet era, a new type of employee was created. With little more than a computer and a high-speed internet connection, home-based businesses have flourished.

Return to Work After Maternity Advice for Managers
Returning to work after maternity is about as much fun as changing an overflowing diaper - dirty work but you've got to do it. Instead of talking about the tricky legislation, let's focus on the human side of returning to work after maternity.

Achieving a Work Life Balance
Wondering if your are achieving a healthy work life balance? Tell tale signs of poor work life balance include high stress, overtime, absence and staff turnover. Achieving a balance between work and life become increasingly important when family responsibilities increase, and care for children or other dependants is a priority.

The Business Case For Flexible Working Arrangements
Not everyone can work the 9 to 5 and flexible working arrangements are increasingly more common. Successful UK businesses pioneering flexible working arrangements report improved business results.

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