Wish you Were Here...Ice-breaker Game

by Mandy
(Ontario Canada)

Duration: 20-30 minutes

Group Size: 4-8
Materials: Paper and tape, or post-it notes, pen

Tape a "vacation" activity to each persons back (or stick it to their fore-head with a post-it note). Each person shows all the others present where they are on holiday

A player can ask questions about where she is, how she feels etc, but the group can only answer yes or no. If the answer is yes, the person gets another opportunity to ask a yes/no question or make a guess at the vacation activity.

If the answer is no, or their guess is wrong, the player's turn is over.

Each person in the group takes a turn to guess their vacation activity.

This icebreaker game is great for long winters where participants are tired of the cold.

Write a list of fun activities such as;
running with the bulls
dancing at a nightclub
gambling at a casino
bungee jumping

Be creative with this ice-breaker game!

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