Who is who - who are we?

by Galina Pachalova
(Stambolijski, Bulgaria)

This icebreaker is suitable for a relatively small group that needs to work on a certain topic but group members do not know each other by names. (that may happen in a big company where you may know someone by face, but not by name and position). In the very beginning the trainer gives out pieces of paper and asks everyone to write his/her name. On the back part of the paper slip the letters of company's name (one letter on each slip)are written beforehand. The first round of the game is that everyone writes his name and says a few words about himself/herself and the second round is that people rearrange their seats following the letters of company's name.

The result is that everyone gets to know the other fellows and by relocation of seats (following company's name)people feel together and separatly part of something bigger, that is the company.

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