Who is My Leader???

by Bushra

Group Size - Large (20+)

Group Abilities - All Abilities
Icebreaker Purpose - Opening Up
Preparation - 8 sets of cards with one colour written on them, for example 10 cards with red written on it, 10 cards with blue written on it and so on until there are 8 sets.
Materials - 8 blindfolds
Time - 15 minutes

In this game there are eight teams. Each team will nominate one person from his team which would be blindfolded before starting the Game.

Now one colour will be given to each team like red team, green team and so on...Then we will scatter the cards of these eight colours in the centre of the room within a quarantine area.

Now those eight blindfolded persons will be left in that area & ask to them choose the cards for your team that is the colour of your Team. As he is blindfolded, so the rest of the members of the team will guide their team member in choosing the right card.

At the end a person with maximum number of cards would be the winner. But one complication is if he picks the card of other team then that mark will go to that team. He will have to choose the card of his team only by the guidance of his team.

Warn that any person who goes into the quarantine area, will cause his team to be out of the game during that activity.


How do the teams make their strategy to guide the person. Do they nominate one leader to guide the person or does every person act as leader and guiding that man. The challenge is that if all teams will shout to guide their own team member then there would be lots of confusion.

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