What's Your Favourite Restaurant?

by Ruth Stout
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Group Size - Small

Group Abilities - All Abilities
Icebreaker Purpose - Opening Up
Preparation - none
Materials - none
Time - 5 minutes

I worked for a motivation speaker and we always did ice breakers. So when I was with my husband & 3 boys on vacation I would always say time for an ice breaker. They would complain, but this one time I asked what was the favorite restaurant you have ever been. They were about 16, 15 & 14 with our exchange student from Germary also 16.

One son, Drew 15 said McDonald's last week. It was his way of ducking the ice breaker. We went all around the table and by the time everyone had a turn. Drew wanted to go again.

This time he said the last day of his Church Youth work vacation in Dominican they ate at a very nice restaurant and after all the hard work or helping build a school for young children, the night ended with this dinner and a beautiful sunset.

I think Drew might never had shared that story without my ice breakers. So even thought they complain they really do like them. Thank you for letting me share.

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