What's unique about me?

by Denise

Group Size - Small to Medium (5-20)

Group Abilities - All Abilities
Icebreaker Purpose - Opening Up
Preparation - none
Materials - none
Time - 10 minutes

Facilitator starts the ice breaker by stating her name and saying what is unique about her that no one in the room would guess or know. The next person states their name and says what is unique about them but then must state the name of the facilitator and what was unique about her.

As it goes around the room, each person must state the name and what is unique about each person before them. By the time you get to the last person, everyone knows each other and the last person can always get everyone's name and uniqueness correct.

It's fun and an easy way for each participant to get to know each other and something about their team members. Some come up with some very funny things and it relaxes the group. People talk about it over break and lunch.

I sometimes change it to my hobby, talent, best subject, and so on.

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