What Impression Do You Make on Others? Icebreaker

by Asif Mukhida

This game can accommodate any number of participants. Attach a piece of paper to each participant's back and provide them with a pen or marker. Give the group a time limit (perhaps 15 minutes), then allow them to mingle. Let them talk with whomever they choose, but each person they talk to has to write on their back something, good or bad, that represents them. For example, Abdul and Mary talk for a bit; then Mary writes "great laugh" on Abdul's back and Abdul writes "friendly" on Mary's – without signing their names to the comment. When the 15 minutes are up, the person who has the most items written on their piece of paper can be declared the winner, or the group can just discuss the results they received from their anonymous commenters.

This can be an interesting exercise in finding out how we come across to other people on first impression.

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