Water Bottle Icebreaker Game

by Becky Jones
(Valparaiso, Florida)

This icebreaker is game good for a support group or group that is meeting to solve a common problem, etc.

Give each person a bottle of water - 16.9 oz (500ml)is perfect. Ask everyone to hold the bottle up in the air until they are told they can put it down. Don't allow them to rest their elbows on the table or support the arm holding the bottle in any way.

Start introductions, or begin explaining the purpose of the group's meeting . . . something that will take a few minutes. Eventually you will notice people beginning to tire of holding the water bottle. Even better, is the person who asks, "Can we put the water down yet?"

Ask them if the bottles are getting heavy, if most of the group agrees and begs to put the bottles down, let them and begin to explain the purpose of the icebreaker.

Explain that small things can become burdens if they are allowed to be ignored too long (or some similar analogy). Ask the group to give some examples. Examples might include: Stress, Debts, Anger, guilt, chores, over-due apologies, etc.

Use the water bottle experience as an example of what happens when one does not take care of problems in a timely manner. This icebreaker game can easily be used to focus the group's attention to the topic of the evening.

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