Warning - how not to do an icebreaker

by M. McQuillan
(Toronto, ON)

It was the AGM of an umbrella organization a couple of years ago and many diverse people who represented all the organizations that were members of the umbrella group were there.

The ED decided to hold an ice-breaker so that people could get to know one another better. It was the one were jelly beans had been placed under the particpants chairs prior to their sitting down.

The ED asked everyone to reach below and grab their jelly beans to start the exercise, but this could not be done by one of the people. The one who could not participate was a blind woman with a seeing eye dog.

She had no way of doing this as her seeing eye dog usually positions itself under her seat at any meetings or conferences she attends. We guessed that the dog may have eaten the jellybeans (not too healthy for the dog).

The blind woman kindly asked that the next time an icebreaker was to be used, have it be inclusive for disabled people so that all can paricipate equally.

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