Vacation Match Icebreaker

by Eric Peterson
(Provo, Utah, USA)

Simple, Easy, and Fun Icebreaker! See how well everyone knows each other (or can guess and match up people they don't).

Hand out 2 half sheets of matching blank paper and pens. Instruct everyone on one paper to write what they did for their last vacation (family or personal) without disclosing it to anyone, fold, and hand it back to the facilitator. On the other sheet, have everyone list everyone's names.

The facilitator will end up with 1 sheet per person with a holiday activity written on it and each participant will have a sheet with all the participants names listed.

Read out each vacation idea quickly, and instruct everyone to write the vacation idea by the person they think it was.

When finished, read main idea of each again briefly, and let people quickly shout out their guess of who it was! (This can be a fun part!)

Ask the person to reveal themselves, and everyone marks right or wrong. Continue through all entries.

Once scoring is done, announce that there are 2 winners! The person that got the most right.... (have everyone shout out their scores to find the highest).... and the person who was guessed correctly the most... (read each name, have people raise hands if they got it correct, and write the count for each name on the list).

Then determine who was guessed correctly more than anyone else! These are the two winners because, one knows everyone better than the rest, and the other is known by everyone else better than the rest! If running out of time, just announce the one first winner.

Lastly, its fun to let everyone know that they are also a winner because now they have a list of brand new vacation ideas to take with them!

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