The Machine

by Brandy

I love playing this game with my sorority and with other organizations on campus. Its fun and really opens everyone up. Playing it is simple.

Get into groups of six to ten people. Assign each group (draw out of a hat) a name of a machine. This can be anything from a microwave to a snowblower. The object is to have each person act out as many parts of the machine as possible.

EXAMPLE: Microwave two people make the frame, someone is the door, someone the turn table, someone the buttons, even have someone make the humming sound and the ding.

I have even seen it where a group had a person be a bag of popcorn.

A few machines I have used are microwave, lawn mower, washer, dryer, blender, george forman grill, refrigerator, stove, mixer, copy machine, computer, bike...etc...the list goes on.

This is probably my favorite ice breaker of all times!!!! I hope you enjoy!

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May 17, 2008
interesting activity
by: mitali

This is a light n interesting activity for group building. I liked it.
Thank you.

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