The Handbag (& Manbag) Game

by Carol

Give all your guests a pen and paper and ask them to give themselves points for everything they have in their bag (that you read from the list).

The list could include expected things like ID, Photos, keys etc as well as unusual things such as socks, pocket knife, kids toys etc. If there are items in the bag that haven't been mentioned from the list, the participant can score a point for each item but has to share with the group what the item is.

This game raises a laugh everytime I play it as people have some very strange things in their bag and they are usually forced to explain it to everyone there. This is not about winning the most points but getting people focussed on a shared activity and enabling them to reveal "secrets" about themselves.

Purpose: fun, quick icebreaker game
Duration: 10 minutes
Preparation: Long list of possible handbag or manbag contents (facilitator tip - add to the list each time you play)
Materials: Pen and paper for each participant

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The Handbag (& Manbag) Game NEW
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Apr 22, 2015
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