"The Candy Code" Icebreaker

by Sheryl

Group Size: Medium (5-20)

Group Abilities: All abilities
Icebreaker purpose: Getting to know you
Materials: 6 different types of small candy, and enough for the group
Time: 15 minutes


A delicious way to get to know the group!

Ahead of time, prepare a basket or bowl of candy bars with a mix of five or six different varieties (plus maybe include options for slimmers, diabetics or people with food intolerances).

You'll also need to decide on your "candy code".
Possibilities include:

- Kit Kat = Favorite color
- Tootsie Roll = Favorite band/singer
- Cadbury Dairy Milk = Favorite vacation place
- M&M's = Favorite actor/actress
- Galaxy = Favorite song
- Kisses = Favorite movie

Have each participant pick three different types of candies from the basket. Only after everyone has their candy do you reveal the "candy code". Then go around the room and have each person respond accordingly.

For example, if George picked a Kit Kat, a Galaxy, and a Tootsie Roll, he then has to share with the group his favorite color, song, and band/singer.

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