The Barking (Mad) Icebreaker Game

by Sandy Cardinal
(Gatineau, Qu├ębec, Canada)

At a Team meeting we were heading out to lunch afterwards and the boss wanted people to mingle and asked me to find a game that would split people by table.

So I found "The Barking Game" where there was 6 pieces of paper with different dogs that bark differently. As I passed them around people still had no clue of what they had to do....

Here comes the funny part. As I was explaining what they had to do they where all turning red and laughing etc.... you can imagine!

Each person (and should I say we where about 40 in the room!) had to find their barking buddy (who had the same barking sound) by barking their way through the crowd.... The person that had the same barking sound was your lunch buddy!

This was a hilarious icebreaker game and they still talk about it!

Icebreaker Game Preparation & Materials: cards with 1 name and/or picture of a dog (with 4 to 6 different dogs), sufficient for number of participants

Duration: 5 minutes

Purpose: encouraging people to mingle, getting people out of their comfort zone.

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