Tension Buster Ice-breaker Exercise

by Mildred Brazeau
(Brandon, Manitoba, Canada)

I came across a group of people who were in a workshop together. I wasn't sure if the participants knew one another but the icebreaker sure looked like a lot of fun and a good way to break the tension, which is most evident in workshops.

The group was paired into two per group and given a balloon. Instruction was to decide who would blow up the balloon and after it was blown up the two were to try and break the balloon with their bodies, but were not to use their hands or feet to break the balloon.

Well as you can imagine, the people in pairs all trying to break thier balloons looked pretty hillarious as an observer. The people that were trying to break the balloon were laughing, talking, working on how to break this balloon.

Some managed to break the balloon while some just fell into fits of laughter. This is a real fun ice-breaker exercise!

Hope you try it out to see how fun it is and how it makes the tension dissolve away.

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