Sockey Ice Breaker Game

by Bob Anderson
(Park Ridge, Illinois)

Group Size - Large (20+)

Group Abilities - Very Physical Activity
Icebreaker Purpose - Energy Boost
Preparation - large hall or open space
Materials - one tennis ball in a long sock per person, 3 to 5 beach balls, whistle, score sheet
Time - 10 to 20 minutes or until everyone is exhausted!

Sockey is an ice breaker game I made up for students in our church youth group.

You put a tennis ball in a long sock and give one to every students. Make two (or more) teams.

In a gym start with teams on opposite sides. Drop 3-5 beach balls in the middle of the floor. On "Go" teams will run at the beach balls and use their sockey to hit the beach ball to their goal (the wall at one end of the gym).

Have a score keeper and someone to put the ball back in the middle once it has been scored.

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