Sick, Sack , Saw Icebreaker Game

by Riefqah Rejaldien
(South Africa)

For this icebreaker game, you need a group of at least 6 people and get them to stand in a circle.

They have to repeat the following movements after you.

Sick- by placing the back of your right hand on your forehead,

Sack-by placing your right hand in between your chest and stomach; palm facing upwards and

Saw, by placing hands together; palms facing each other and arms streched outwards.

Then you do the same with your left hand in that order. Once everybody is familiar with the sequence, you may start the game.

One person starts with the first action which is Sick and whichever way his hand is pointing, that person has to do the next action which is 'Sack'. He can use either his left hand or right hand. And whichever way he is pointing, the next person has to do the final action of the sequence which is 'Saw' and point to the person who must continue the sequence with 'Sick'.

Whoever does not do the correct action, falls out of the game. Only 2 people should remain, who are the winners of the icebreaker game.

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