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Learn valuable management skills now with these exciting products from Management For The Rest of Us. All written and recorded by me, Lyndsay Swinton, these management training and development products contain super-concentrated, straight to the point information that will make a difference immediately. But don't believe me, here's what my happy customers say...

Goal Setting Guide Quick and Easy Goal Setting Guide Ebook
If you find that you spend too much time avoiding the things that will bring you the greatest rewards, this Goal Setting Guide will help you focus on what is truly important.
Personal Development Plan Quick and Easy Personal Development Planning Guide Ebook
This guide will give you a simple yet powerful method to grow and so enable you to achieve more, faster, and more effectively.
Icebreaker Games Icebreaker Games Ebook
This action-oriented 115-page ebook contains all you need to know about icebreakers, brainstorming and creativity.
Management Gurus Ebook Management Gurus Ebook
This fact-packed 24-page ebook contains all you need to know about all these management gurus in super-concentrated format.
Decision Making Tool Decision Making Tool - No Cost Download
This no cost download gives you the tools to make difficult decisions easily.

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