Quick "Find Your Partner" Ice-breaker Game

by Noha Ahmed Mansy

This "Find Your Partner" ice-breaker game is to help people pair up quickly. It's great when people don't know each other, or if you want to mix up different ages or levels.

You need to write names of famous or historical or fictional couples on small pieces of paper. If the group has 6 people, you will need to think of 3 couples and write one name from each couple on 6 separate pieces of paper. For example Romeo on one piece of paper and Juliet on another piece of paper and so on. Put all the papers in a pile or in a container, and then ask the people to take a paper. When they've all got a piece of paper, ask them to try to find their couples.

This will only take 5 minutes, including preparation time, or if you are happy for people to chat and introduce themselves once the ice has been "broken", you can let it go on for slightly longer.

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